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Name: Doctor Amelia
Age: Unknown (appears in her late teens or early twenties)
Physical Description: 5'8". Long brown hair. Medium built, not the strongest but in shape.
Chosen by: Lady Ink
Gift description: A small metal ball, about the size of a marble, on a long chained necklace. Amelia believes it to be a beacon that will signal her assistant.

Dr. Amelia is an energetic individual with a strong sense of curiosity. Her main focus is on exploration and discovery of her universe. She loves science as it gives her the means to push the horizons of the intellectual understanding of the universe. Although, she mostly just does it for fun. She has an almost childlike awe when discovering something new about the universe. She appears to do things without thinking it all the way through. She makes all sorts of assumptions and theories, based on almost no evidence, and although she can be right, she is mostly wrong. Getting something wrong doesn't get her down though; she just shrugs it off because 'that's science' and moves on. She is not judgmental to anyone but has a naïve sense of how the world actually works. She tends to take things literally and not very good at reading between the lines. While she displays the more positive emotions, the more negative are a little beyond her. She doesn't seem to even understand the concept of hatred and sees it as a waste of time to try to understand. She is always moving forward with little regret.
Her strongest desire is to know the secret of the universe but she is well aware she is too far off the trail for the moment.

Little is known of where Amelia comes from. The first documented existence of Amelia was her sudden appearance was a misunderstanding she had at a Bank while it was being robbed. She stopped the thieves, of course, but also caused massive amounts of property damage with her unusual technology. This immediately caught the attention of the top weapons development company, known as the ULTRA Corporation, who employed Amelia on the spot. They gave her unlimited access to any and all their resources in order to develop new and better weaponry. Unfortunately, none of her ideas ever saw the light of day as, within a week, destroyed the company financially.  She has since escaped the company's clutches, from lawsuits to assassinations. The company does have a hit on her but sadly are unable to pay the fee. Thus, everyone ignores it.
Amelia has had constant adventures discovering lost civilizations to befriending near immortals. All along the way refining her technological knowhow and trying find the secret of the universe, though in the most, and unintentional, destructive way possible. She created a robot cat, E.M.I.L., in order to assist in both documenting and data collection of all her scientific discoveries. In time Amelia set up shop in her own private area experimenting on dimensional technology, with little success.      

Doctor Amelia is a scientist of many, if not all, sciences. Her main ability is to create marvelous machinery from almost nothing. However, her methods in creating these machines are strange, if not, nonsensical. (Example: she had constructed a Liquor Cannon out of a mini-refrigerator, a broken half of a radiator, and AA batteries, which fired explosive mini-liquor bottles.) While she can create amazing technological wonders her ideas most of the time never make it past the planning stages. Her inventions are often times unstable and implode on themselves before they can ever be used. Most of the stuff she builds are more of a guess and she is just curious to see if it works.
That being said, she does understand how computers and all electronical devices work to a certain point. She is not a professional in any one field and at a critical situation might be able to get past that 'Level 10 clearance' program she is trying to hotwire. Although, she is able to solve mathematical problems with ease.
She does have a basic knowledge of weaponry but has had little to no practice on their use.  She is not much of a fighter but can hold her own if she is forced to.
Something I should add about Dr Amelia is the fact that she never removes her goggles. Theres not a reason for it, she just never does. When ever someone asks something always interrupts her when she tries to explain.

A reference sheet of Dr. A for the TBOS OC Tournament, found here: [link]

When I asked for a quick sketch of Dr. A, I did not expect it so soon and how much it blew me away. This excellent picture of Dr. A was done by :iconfl0e: Thank you!

Dr. A is still owned by me.
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