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In an endless field of green the wind blew so lightly that the blades of glass merely bobbed their heads. A prim and proper woman, known only as Lady Ink, stepped quickly through this wonder without notice, the grass crushing beneath her feet. The sun was uninterrupted in the sky as it beamed down on the well dress maiden warming her to a slightly uncomfortable temperature. She moved forward with little indication of her surroundings, all that mattered was the task at hand. Of all the beings in the universe she knew that time was of the essence and while being picky about how her goal was accomplished mattered, it was the lack of choices that bothered her.
In front of her was a small brown hut, weeds grew all along the walls and a small smoke stack spewed the blackest smog she had ever seen. There was a single wooden door at its front but no more. Windows, bushes, a fence, a mail box and any other indication that someone was living there were missing. Though there up on the old tin roof slept a grey cat, all curled up just above the doorway. While the simplicity of the place satisfied Lady Ink, the lack of the basic elements such as a least two windows and a single blue mail box got on her nerves.
She stopped at the door and knocked three times. While she could hear movement from within the cottage, none was taken as an acknowledgement of her knocks.
Lady Ink crossed her arms, "Rude and uninviting. This is the fourth individual I have come to today for their assistance. How dare such people ignore the catastrophe at hand."
"She's not ignoring you. She is just in the middle of an experiment." yawned a young female voice.
Lady Ink looked up at the cat, who was now wide awake and starring at her. Lady Ink starred back at what she believed to be a fuzzy grey cat lazily sleeping, however, looking at it now she could see that this was no ordinary cat at all. While it was grey, its body was metallic and boney, it's head was a size too large and it had a single large eye where the felines face should have been.
The 'cat' made a yawning sound before continuing, "Yes, I know what you are about to say. I get it a lot. No I am not a demon or an over glorified toaster. My name is Emil and I am the robotic assistant to the Dr. A. But I have to ask: What's with the dress?" Emil tilted her head slightly, examining the well stitched golden patterns that embroidered the woman's dress.
Lady Ink, while a bit surprised, kept her face straight and distant, "Excuse me?"
The little feline straighten her back as if to stretch, "It is quite warm outside. One would think more suitable clothing would be appropriate. Though your skin is rather pale, maybe you are a woman of high class and have servants to do your work. No that is not correct, why else would you be here. Are you a shut in?"
Lady Ink fingers clutched the fabric at her sides, "I am in a bit of a hurry assistant. I wish to speak to your Doctor immediately. There are rather pressing matters I must tell her."      
Emil shook her head, "Sorry, I do not believe it is possible at this moment in time. The Doctor is very busy with her experimentation-"
Lady Ink interrupted quickly, "I will NOT be turned away a fourth time today!" The once calm and collected face of the woman now shifted to that of annoyance, "You don't seem understand the nature of my dilemma. People, ideas, and reality are at stake here.  I cannot turn away from such horror and neither should the Doctor. Now please show me to her or let me through. "
Emil readied herself at the edge of the roof and after a moment of mental preparation jumped down from her perch and onto the springy grass. The cat looked up at her with its giant blue eye, "The stories you've heard must have been mellowed down. Madam, I was created to ASSIST Dr. A, if I'm out here what does that tell you about how dangerous it is in there?"
Lady Ink stepped toward the little robotic creature, content on her goal, "I am NOT interested in…"
The door burst open with flames and smoke. White light cut through the air with unparalleled heat. A young lady in a soot covered coat rushed from the opening holding the rays of light by only a pair of tongs. "Emil!" she yelled, "FIRE your laser!"
A red light flashed from Emil's eye and the white rays dissipated into the air with CRUNCH! The light faded away leaving the tongs empty. The girl wiped the sweat from her forehead, "Excellent reaction time Emil."
The small cat swirl around the girls legs, almost like a real cat would. "Dr. Amelia you really shouldn't mess with higher dimensional values without theorizing the advanced foundation for which they sit upon."
"You're the Doctor I've heard about?" Amelia and Emil looked to the well dress woman, "Your nothing but a child!"
Amelia laughed, brushing the black soot from her lab coat. "Technically I'm 145,346.2333 life-cycles but it's too difficult to translate that to anything meaningful. So, I see you've met Emil, she oversees my work."
Lady Ink narrowed her eyes, "I know. We've talked. You do realize Emil is a boy's name."
Amelia nodded, "It's an anagram. That's E-M-I-L."
"Oh, I see. What does the anagram stand for?"
Amelia shrugged, "Not sure yet. I've been meaning to come up with something."
Lady Ink stood there for a moment, looking over both the Doctor and Emil, then turned away. "We're done here."
Her steps through the green waves of grass were much less crunchy now and more of stamping her feet. While subtle she walked quickly through the brush without hearing the Doctor call to her. She was so focused on leaving that she suddenly felt a yank on her dress. Lady Ink looked back to see it snagged on a twig.
"Excuse me." Lady Ink jumped noticing Amelia in her face, all of a sudden, with huge smile, "What brings someone like you here? Is it possible a royal family member is in danger and that only I can help? Will I be knighted for my services?"  

Lady Ink pulled the snag loose with no trouble, "Your too excited for your own good. It was against my better judgment to come here. Please leave me."
Amelia placed a hand on Lady Ink's shoulder, though Lady Ink tensed not wanting to be touched, Amelia continued to keep it there, "You came to me Princess. Obviously you are in dire need of science!"
Lady Ink only sighed, "I am a guardian of a powerful mystical, book like, artifact that holds all the stories ever told or written. My brother and I have watched over it longer then we can remember. We had an argument as of late, and it was because of this that the book is changing. The stories within have started forming together and in doing so are forming one large generic story."
Emil hopped up on Amelia's shoulder, looking ever so nimble, "Stories can be rewritten, as they have been for hundreds of years."
"Do you not see? It is destroying ideas, the very fabric of thought itself. If every story was exactly the same then where would anyone be? Everyone would have the same ideas, nothing will get accomplished, no one will learn anything."    
"I see," stated Amelia, placing her hand under chin, "It sounds like an imbalance in the books reality. If we were to procure a counter command at it's core, we might be able to bring the critical levels back to normalcy."
Lady Ink raised an eyebrow, "Wait, wha- "
Emil interrupted with her calm smooth voice, "She means because of the fight with your brother an imbalance in power occurred. To fix it someone must make it to the center of the book itself in order to rebalance it."
Lady Ink starred down at the small Doctor for a moment before she turned around and with a wave of her hand, an opening appeared in thin air. Through it there was a long marble hallway, the floor stretched put with red carpet.
Lady Ink shook her head, "You may go if you wish. This is not how things were suposed to go but I fear I have little chocie in the matter. This idea of yours is outrageous but plausible." She then reached into one of her hidden pockets on the dress and pulled out a small metal ball attached to a thin chained loop. "This is a gift from me to you, Doctor. It will shift into an object related what you think it symbolizes."
Amelia took the necklace from her, and without so much as a second glance proclaimed, "It is a beacon."
Lady Ink placed her arms at her sides, glaring down at the child like Doctor, "A what? Just like that?"
Amelia took the necklace and quickly placed it around her neck. "Of course, you said it was what I thought it was and so I believed it to be a beacon and so it is a beacon for Emil." The metallic cat hopped down from the Doctor's shoulders. Amelia leaned down and began petting the robotic head, "Now Emil I want you to activate the Receiver Tower as soon as I'm gone. When I activate the beacon the signal should penetrate the reality field barrier of the book. When you receive it, I should be able to send you the raw data of the reality and then you can feed me the corrections I need in order to fix the imbalance."
The cat purred, "Yes Doctor." With one last pet the cat slipped back through the tall grass and vanished.
Amelia turned to the opening and with a pat on Lady Ink's shoulder, the Doctor stepped through the opening. The doorway slowly faded.
Lady Ink watched as the Doctor waved, "You realize your plan, what little there is of it, has little sense to it."
"Not to worry Princess, this story book won't make any sense!"
"I'm not a-!" The doorway was gone before Lady Ink could finish, "Foolish child. She knows nto what she is getting herself into." She sighed knowing she could find much better candidates. However, just as she thought this the ground began to rumble, turning and shifting beneath her feet. From behind the smoldering hut a large spear shot up. A tower, attached to the spear, rose with it casting aside rubble and dirt. It grew and grew till it was past her own line of sight.
Lady Ink gazed at the long orange structure with awe, "Maybe it is possible for a wildcard like her to succeed."
A reference sheet of Dr. A for the TBOS OC Tournament, found here: [link]

I originally was going to use Emil for this tournament but then I thought "Why not the Doctor herself?" Dr.A is a doing and sending her robot to do the work seemed pretty unrealistic to me.

All that I did know was that I wanted Lady Ink and the Doctor to meet. Lady Ink's reactions to Dr.A was pricless and wish they would spend more time together. But I doubt Lady Ink would spend more then a second in Dr.A's company if it were up to her and these circumstances. So, I guess we'll see if I make the cut or not. :)

Dr. A and Emil is still owned by me.

Lady Ink owned by :iconrobinrone:
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